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Bill Penkethman Esq. Interview about Foreclosure Help and Preventative Actions


Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure is a lawsuit by your bank seeking to sell your home to pay your mortgage loan. Your bank is represented by experienced lawyers. Representing yourself could be costly. You may have home-saving legal defenses or claims. For example, the loan may be fraudulent or “predatory.” Also, the bank may not be able to show that it owns your loan.


Loan Modifications

Loan modification is the negotiation of loan terms, such as interest rate, to make your monthly payments affordable. This time consuming and often frustrating process can begin before a foreclosure lawsuit or even a default. Permanent loan modifications are difficult to achieve and results cannot be guaranteed. As with any negotiation, leverage is most helpful.



Filing bankruptcy may be an option if you are swimming in debt and facing foreclosure. Bankruptcy will immediately stay all foreclosure proceedings. You may be able to save your home in a 3-5 year plan under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.